Friday, January 13, 2017

Prophecies & Omens: The Dragon Orbs Prophecy

After writing my contribution to January's RPG Blog carnival, this month's host Tales of a GM commented and asked if I had rewritten the Dragon Orbs Prophecy. Guess what?

I did. During that process I revised the way it would be presented to the players. I have also decided to start tinkering with a campaign designed around it.

Here is the new version.

In the second great age of men and magic, eight signs will be revealed. The signs mark the march of the fates towards another war of Hearts and Armor.
First of the signs will be when the Grey Lord of the North dies without an heir. This will set the barbarians of the Dragon Tribes down the path of the rites of succession.
When the Shamans of the Dragon Tribes sets the royal candidates on the quest to obtain the Dragon Orbs, that marks the second of the signs of the inevitable march to war.
The lands of perpetual shadow has a role to play in the War of Hearts and Armor. Numbered third among the signs will be when the Oerking of the Dragon Rivers Valley falls to blade of a lone dark warrior from the shadow lands.
When the outposts of the northern frontier tell of sighting war parties from the Strange lands the fourth of the signs comes to pass.
Heroes with instinctive powers and legendary ability wage war against the Crellan Masters of Stealth for the welfare of the surrounding lands is the fifth of steps down the path to the next great war of men and their sorcery.
The exodus of the Elven nations across the Bright lands is the sixth fearful foretelling among the eight.
When the dwarf king of the western range, releases the Lord of the Cerulean Depths. The seventh lock is broken and evil shall rise once more to quest for ultimate power.
When eight heroes of worth undertake the summoning of the Dragon council to travel to Teferahnd Kendazhil, our world takes the eighth and final step and is engulfed in the war of Hearts and Armor.

   Instead of having the PCs try and stop the prophecy, I had thought instead to let them go about a normal adventuring career, and introduce the events of the prophecy along the way. This will serve to let the players decide when and if they wish to intervene. It also leaves me with options to run not only the prophecy campaign, but offers the chance to run a war campaign.

   Now the fun part starts. I get to write it. I may run a game again after this. Might have to do it online. The luddite in me is screaming obscenities. Maybe I can find in person players. Don't know, just have to wait and see how I feel when it's closer to being done. Yet another shiney chicken takes up residence in the Horseman's mind coop. Cluckity cluckity...

Happy Gaming!


  1. Hi Temmogen,


    Well done for updating the Prophecy. Separating out each prophecy onto a different line makes it easier to read. This will make a great backdrop for a campaign, or series of story arcs.

    Do you see the Players are the Heroes of the fifth step?

    All the best, and thanks again for your second contribution to the January Blog Carnival, hosted at Tales of a GM

    1. The players certainly could be the heroes in the fifth step. It was written that way specifically for that reason. I was hoping that any step could be opened up into an adventure. Some would pure role-play, others a more standard type of adventure. The exodus of the elves could be a huge role-play adventure. The PCs trying convince the Elves not to leave for example.